Charles Roseberry Videos

These films are the work of my good friend Charles Roseberry made from from San Francisco Pride 1975, 1977, 1979 and 1982. Charles (Chuck) Roseberry passed away February 19, 2015, he was 85. Charles lived in San Francisco since 1955, being part of San Francisco’s early Gay history.

An avid 8mm filmmaker, videographer and editor. He captured Gay life, culture, and events around The Castro and many of the early Gay Freedom Day and Gay Pride parades dating back to the 1970s. Charles’ other films are currently on YouTube under his (MrChuckRoseberry) channel.

Charles was very honored when the producers of the “Milk” film used clips from his 8mm footage of the early Castro Street days in the opening sequence of the film.

When Charles Roseberry has passed away, he left me his film and videos, his film library is now in my hands, I encourage, comments and communication about his work, His work is available for us. contact:

Charles would be over joyed know his work lives on, that has been my promise to him.

-Ron Williams

Charles Roseberry’s 1975 video, “Gay Freedom Day Parade,” on Polk Street.
Charles Roseberry’s 1977 video, “Gay Frontiers: Past, Present, Future.”
Charles Roseberry’s 1979 video, “Our Time Has Come,” Gay Freedom Day Parade and Celebration.
Charles Roseberry’s 1982 video, “Out Of Many … One.”

© Charles Roseberry, all rights reserved.

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