Darryl Pelletier

Darryl Pelletier grew up with a passion for photography.  In junior high school, he was chosen to be the lead photographer for the school’s yearbooks. Darryl took several classes over those two years, and many more since, and the passion never left.  Although it was only a hobby through his teen year’s and young adult life, he was never without a camera, whether it be going out with friends or hiking in some of the amazing nature trails in Northern California.  

It wasn’t until NYE 2010 when Darryl was booked for his first big event work, a New Year’s eve party in Walnut Creek, working with half dozen adult entertainers, drag queens and celebrities!  Working with such talent was amazing, and  became a full time job and passion.  His work has grown rapidly since then. Being recognized as a a top 10 photographer in the LGBTQ community in the San Francisco Bay Area, his photography skills has secured bookings through out California from Sacramento to San Diego and Las Vegas, a 560+ mile radius! Whether it be a drag show, a large event like SF’s St Patricks parade, or promo work in Las Vegas, he has a real passion for his work.

All images © Darryl Pelletier, all rights reserved.

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