Rich Stadtmiller

Rich Stadtmiller is the force behind Containing over 1700 galleries comprising more than a quarter million images spanning more than a decade and representing tens of thousands of individuals, is arguably the SF Bay Area’s most extensive on-line GLBT event image archive and the world’s largest collective family album.

His work has been recognized by the Alameda County Leather Corps, Imperial and Ducal Courts, the California Senate, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and the Pantheon of Leather. He received the Mr Marcus Hernandez Memorial Community Service Award by the SF Bay Area Alliance in 2009 and the John Stephen Bassett Leather Pride Award for lifetime achievement/Leather Pride at Toronto Leather Pride 2011.

Rich has been the official photographer for Leather Levi weekend, SF Leather Pride Contingent, Mr SF Leather, Ms SF Leather, International Ms Leather, International LeatherSir/boy, International Bear Rendezvous and Bare Chest Calendar events.

In addition to the RichTrove Arcvhive, Rich’s credited images have appeared in A Bear’s Life Magazine, The Leather Journal, SF Bay Times, Gloss Magazine, Bay Area Reporter and BARTAB magazine.

Rich organized and financially backed the Hayward Pride Street Festival in 2005 and 2006, and was an early supporter of Leather Levi Weekend.

Rich has been a presenter on leather spirituality at Leather Leadership Conference 12 and other venues. He has also presented at the SF Leather Discussion Group, LLC 12 and Sacramento Valley Leather Corps on the importance of preserving memories. Since 2007, he has also sponsored an annual celebration of the memories and everyday heroes of the HIV era.

Rich is an honorary member of the Alameda County Leather Corps and a Prince of the Realm in the SF Imperial Court.

Rich has lived in the Bay area since 1994 with Patrick, his lover of 27 years.

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