Rink Foto

The lesbian executive director of an arts organization told Rink Foto that he is a gay activist masquerading as a journalist.. He is mostly self assigned and covers 10-15 events a week, which are mostly LGBT centered, and over 500 events a year in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dozens of non-profit executive directors tell him that they depend on him to photograph their events.. His work involves the diversity of The City at Asian, African American, Latino, Native American, Transgender, and other groups’ community happenings since 1969. The Rink Foto Archive includes more than a half million images.

Rink Foto is asked to consult about organizations’ media outreach strategy and event coordination because of his long time experience, and he has involved himself in what San Francisco Chronicle writer Randy Shilts called advocacy journalism.  

He organized a photographers group that evolved into an activist organization with a majority of women that that seized power  in a coup at the 1980 Gay Parade Committee for 3 years, and changed its name to the Lesbian/Gay Parade Committee.

Rink Foto’s articles that were published in the San Francisco Bay Times can seen at rinkfoto.blogspot.com, that includes his witnessing an historic Black Panther Party/ Gay Liberation Front unity meeting in the early 1970’s. Rink Foto’s photographs are published in the San Francisco Bay Times (sfbaytimes.com) and in over 50 books, and appear in over 2 dozen films. He has been honored by mayors, state legislators, city supervisors, and non-profit organizations. 

Rink Foto is the most published bay area professional photographer, said a San Francisco Chronicle editor. An archivist said that he is the only person who was at every SF Pride event, since 1970. And he took photographs.

All images © Rink, all rights reserved.

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