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Pride 1999 “Reunion – Under The Rotunda at City Hall” – Ron Willams video taped this event as a volunteer. His new camera and SD digital video was a new experience. The video includes Gilbert Baker, Mayor Brown, Mark Leno and Polyester the Divine look-a-like and lots of fan dancers.
Pride 1999 “Civic Center After The Parade” – Ron documents the end of the parade, a video montage of activity after the parade, with a clip of Harry Hay and the Skate Queen. Ron often finds people watching the parade is as entertaining as the parade itself.
Pride 2001 “Garbage Men Ballet” – Ron was invited to ride the Sunset Scavenger contingent to film the Garbagemen Ballet, Mostly video montage parade footage along the route. Includes, Carole Midgen, Dykes On Bikes and Mikes On Bykes, the footage was never used in the intended project and only recently digitized.

Ron Williams, originally from San Francisco and long time resident of the Castro, at 76, started photographing at the age of 12. His passion for photography is focused on the nature of things, from film to digital. Capturing the elusive aesthetic qualities of life, LGBTQ culture and nature has always fascinated him. Ron’s Pride photography expresses how we as a community have proven, “Diversity is our Strength.”

Ron’s vision and photographic art is a melding of technical experience, aesthetic expression, and the lust for that perfect image. As a “witness to history,” he started documenting Gay Freedom Day parades in 1974 while working as a freelance graphic artist and photographer for the Bay Area Reporter. All his documentary work before 1980, was lost in a Russian River Flood. He then returned to his beautiful City, and resumed photographing San Francisco’s Pride events.

In 2015 Ron moved to Palm Springs, where he lives with his husband Howie, and is still an active photographer in the LGBTQ community there in the desert.

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